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We are passionate about technology. We help our customers grow and offer new business models.

IT services
IT services
Our information services

IT assistance
in Rovigo

●	Corporate IT security
● Corporate IT security

Education about the conscious use of the Internet.

●	Email Hosting
● Email Hosting

Creation and management of email services, directory.

●	Storage and backup
● Storage and backup

Management of secure data storage and backup systems.

●	System management
● System management

Installation, complete management and monitoring of computer servers.

●	Internet service management
● Internet service management

Creation and management of domains, sites and web spaces.

●	Digital Citizenship Education
● Digital Citizenship Education

Digital education in school for children and adults.

// innovation and technological solutions

What we offer

●	Innovation
● Innovation
We use innovative technologies and methodologies to provide technically advanced and always up to date solutions.
●	Updating
● Updating
Research and continuous training on the most advanced technologies allow us to study the best solutions.
●	Quality
● Quality
We offer a concrete, complete and high quality service not only from the technical point of view, but also from the human side.
●	Solutions
● Solutions
We make customers totally aware of the potential they could have and the possibilities for optimisation.
●	Green
● Green
We make IT an eco-friendly solution by reducing the amount of media in circulation and paper waste.
●	Security
● Security
Security is one of our first prerogative: we guarantee robust solutions for the IT system and data protection.
●	Education
● Education
We create a comprehensive training plan to educate users in the conscious use of the Internet and its means.
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The Ispiro.tech team

At ispiro.tech we provide IT solutions designed to meet the needs of companies, organizations, associations and professionals, we are committed to meet the highest levels of reliability, speed of management and technical excellence.