Zextras Carbonio is an innovative collaboration suite that includes a vast range of features.

It is designed to be flexible and scalable, so that small businesses, large corporations, public administrations and service providers can integrate it into their business routines and practices.


With Zextras Carbonio you can access various services such as:


Email system that allows deep organization through folders and labels. It is integrated with all the features of Zextras Carbonio.

Address book

Easy organization of address books and contacts, which can be shared totally or partially with other members of your organization.

Calendar management

Possibility to create different calendars, personal or shared, in which to insert your appointments or organize video calls.

Instant Messaging

Through Chats, Groups or Spaces, quick and informal collaboration between colleagues has never been easier! You can also send attachments!

Virtual Rooms and Video calls

You can organize video calls between colleagues or with external people, share your screen or record the discussion.


Keep your files and workbooks always at hand, easily share contents with other people and collaborate in editing documents!

Functional mailboxes

You can create and manage entire mailboxes shared with other users or work groups, to allow constant alignment.

Advanced Search

Search on Zextras Carbonio is among the fastest in existence: all contents are highly indexed; use labels to your advantage!

Native AntiVirus

E-mail is the main entry channel for viruses. Zextras Carbonio has an integrated antivirus, without the need for external modules.


Zextras Carbonio uses the well-known SpamAssassin program to select, catalog and hide junk messages. False positives are rare!



// Secure

Zextras Carbonio contains the native ClamAV antivirus within it, also offering the possibility of using alternative ones. It also includes Apache Spam Assassin, a tool that allows you to minimize the problem of spam messages. Secure access is a point in favor of Carbonio: through the SSL certificate, every channel will be protected.

// Innovative

Zextras Carbonio implements many features internally integrated with each other, for a simple and cohesive experience. These include: Chats, Groups, Virtual rooms and Files.

// Intuitive

The graphic interface is simple and intuitive, compatible with all modern browsers (Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox…) Furthermore, the web experience is suitable for full-mobile use. In any case, we recommend using the dedicated mobile application.


Zextras Carbonio is a service that also includes:

On-going monitoring:

The system is continuously checked and the technician alerted in case of warning.

Evolutionary Maintenance:

The system is continuously updated to ensure the technological upgrade.

Help desk:

Top level help desk and technical support are provided.

Training and assistance:

We provide training on use of tools and assistance in case of need.


Zextras Carbonio user guides

The Zextras team provides simple and free user guides dedicated to all those who want to delve deeper into the topic or learn more about Carbonio Zextras.

The topics addressed include all Carbonio features: Mails, Calendars, Contacts, Chats, Files and Search.