Conscious use of Internet at your company disposal

A tool is not good or bad, it changes the use it makes: with Ispiro.Tech you can train employees and business owners on the informed and aware use of Internet, a very important tool that you need to learn to manage and understand well.

In corporate security, the greatest risk factor is human, so we organize structured training courses on the central theme of corporate cyber security.


Education goals


  • Password creation and management also with a view to smart working, where security and privacy may not be guaranteed;
  • Two-factor authentication and insights into the Public Digital Identity System (SPID).

Email and browser:

  • Insights on Virus, spam and phishing concepts;
  • Conscious use of PEC and the delicate issue of personal and corporate privacy;
  • Operating systems management and weighted access to Social Networks.

Cash and payments:

  • Digital Signature;
  • Security of online payments insights on and dedicated portals.
  • VPN and secure channels.


In addition to the above mentioned topics, we also offer training courses on:

  • services offered and integrated systems, with a view to making our technology available to everyone and ensuring complete assistance;
  • smart working, a conscious and intelligent choice, as well as easily implementable, that few still have adopted for lack of information;
  • deepening of the most advanced internet services such as GoogleKeep and GoogleMail: the goal is to help companies to a strengthened use of the best technologies offered by the network.