// Conscious use of the Internet

Ditigal education for organizations and institutions

Ispiro.tech focused its values on education, essential in a digital era to which no one has ever prepared us and in which it is very important to know how to juggle, especially in the world of adolescents but not only.

To whom are our formations addressed?

Some goals we want to reach:

Educazione all’utilizzo dei social

Education on the conscious use of social media

Analisi del concetto di cittadino digitale e relative implicazioni

Analysis of the concept of the digital citizen and its implications

Introduzione ai concetti di deep web e informazione sui bitcoin

Introduction to deep web concepts and bitcoin information

Approfondimento e punti di forza degli open data

Insights and strengths of open data

// Digital Education

Not only education for students

Our training is mainly based on two lines:

  1. Education of children to a conscious use of the network and the tools it offers, introduction to the concept of sharing appropriate content and privacy;
  2. Training for parents, teachers and principals in the use of new technologies in education.

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"Today we need technologies on a human scale, but also people on a technological scale"