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Email and collaboration Open Source

Zimbra is a modern Open Source suite of messaging and collaboration, a complete product for the management of mail and calendars immediate and secure!

With Zimbra you can access different services such as:


Very advanced independent email system with possibility of creating shareable mail folders.

Address book

Easy and immediate to use; can be shared totally or partially with other team members.

Calendar management

Possibility to create different personal calendars, in which to insert your appointments.

Instant Messaging

Integrated into the platform, it allows the management of chats.

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Benefits of ZIMBRA

Zimbra contains the native antivirus clamav, also offering the possibility to use alternative ones. It also includes Apache Spam Assassin, a tool that allows you to minimize the problem of spam messages.

Secure access is a plus for Zimbra: through the SSL certificate, each channel will be protected.

Zimbra offer the possibility to have:

  • Backup located on a single server manageable by the online user;
  • your mail account at your fingertips thanks to cross-platform access: PC, Mac, Linux and even from mobile devices without downloading a dedicated App.

The graphical interface, based on AJAX technology, is simple and intuitive and is compatible with the most popular browsers (Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.)

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Zimbra Suite is an All inclusive service that also includes:

Monitoraggio continuo

On-going monitoring:

The system is continuously checked and the technician alerted in case of warning.

Manutenzione Evolutiva

Evolutionary Maintenance:

The system is continuously updated to ensure the technological upgrade.

Help desk

Help desk:

Top level help desk and technical support are provided.

Cittadino digitale

Training and assistance:

We provide training on use of tools and assistance in case of need.