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Innovative solution in hyperconverged infrastructures

Syneto is a hyperconverged solution that creates technologies that simplify, speed up and protect IT activities, built on the concept of converged infrastructure. Networking, data processing and storage are thus located in a single platform, without the need to install or place different machines and operating systems.

Backup &
instant reset

Data recovery
in 15 minutes

Management with
just a click

of ransomware

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SYNETO services

Integrated Disaster Recovery

HYPER Series allows the recovery of a Virtual Machine of a Server, in 15 minutes.

Active file services

Ability to share files natively without the need to install additional software.

Data protection
always on

Thanks to active search and auto-regeneration of corrupt data your files are safeguarded.

Best performance
of app

A unified solution between hybrid and all-fash optimises application throughput.

// business benefits

I servizi di Syneto

Disaster Recovery integrato

Questa unità è presente nell’HYPERSeries e permette il ripristino di una Virtual Machine di un Server, in 15 minuti.

Servizi di file attivi

Possibilità di condividere nativamente file senza software aggiuntivi.

Protezione dati
sempre attiva

Grazie alla ricerca attiva e all’auto-rigenerazione dei dati corrotti i vostri file sono salvaguardati.

Migliori prestazioni
delle applicazioni

Tramite una soluzione unificata fra ibrido e all-fash, si può ottimizzare la resa delle applicazioni.

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Advanced solutions for companies and businesses

  • Increases the level of cybersecurity: it is structured to give more security during storage unsing continuous backups;
  • allows the cost reduction: disaster recovery technologies are automated and already included in the package; in addition, if necessary, simply add one or more nodes without changing the architecture.
  • it is easy to use: it has a single interface that is easy to interpret to control the entire system and a single intuitive and effective control panel;
  • is reliable: it allows you to avoid data loss and manage your IT infrastructure in a simple and effective way thanks to an instant restore
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