Informatic services

Entrusting to Ispiro.Tech the system management of company IT services means choosing a complete service: we will take care of all the phases of system management from A to Z, in continuous and constant coordination with your needs and requests.

Why rely on us for system management?

Constant monitoring

It’s necessary to prevent any problems and act absolutely promptly in case they occur, limiting as possible or avoiding damage.

Cost-effectiveness of operations

We pay attention to cost-benefit and focus resources on service delivery, reducing the cost of licensing.

Best computer practices

We use means such as the National Framework for Cybersecurity and Data Protection and the best technologies such as Syneto for data backup.

On-going education

We focus on the theme of constant education at all levels, not only for our staff but also for customers.


Our services

With a view to designing and implementing a complete and concrete system management, we offer services such as:

  • on-site inspections to assess the optimal locations and the strategic positioning of the server, to be assessed on the basis of the availability of the premises and the needs for use;
  • Server installation and integrated and constant technical assistance;
  • network management and location of repeaters and servers on the work area according to the needs expressed;
  • possibility of scalable solutions for changing situations;
  • comprehensive operational management advice and complete assistance.