Ispiro support at the service of your company

Our support team is available to help you with Ispiro products and services.

The variety of contact methods available to the Client allow you to contact us in the most comfortable way for you. On the other hand there will always be a member of our team ready to assist you in the best possible way.

Doubts or perplexities? Need information on new products or services? Also in this case we are happy to welcome your requests.


How to contact us?


The most classic and beloved of contact methods, at your disposal.

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Web Tickets

Innovative, always online and easy to use, this platform is available for all devices enabled for web browsing. It allows you to create tickets and see their status in real time.


You can obtain assistance by writing to us directly at our dedicated assistance channels. We will respond as soon as possible.


Which support to contact?

General Support

  • Mail, Zextras Carbonio, PEC
  • Syneto, servers and networks management
  • DNS and domains management

Web Support

  • Web sites and content management
  • Booking platforms and plugins for web sites


  • Contract management

  • Request for offers, interventions and solutions


Why use Web Tickets?

Through this innovative Web platform, you will be able to create new tickets and keep them monitored throughout their progress.

This tool encourages and simplifies the continuous exchange of information and dialogue between the client and the operator, in order to guarantee a more efficient and rapid service.

Furthermore, if you are part of an Organization, you will be able to interact with the tickets created by your colleagues.

For each ticket created, the conversation is also maintained in the email with which you registered: you have no risk of missing notifications.