The topic of cyber security today is critical, especially for companies and P.A. that must always stay up-to-date on what is happening in the digital world and the new systems that enable more robust cyber security.

On Oct. 27, 2022, at the Corte Carezzabella farmhouse in San Martino di Venezze (RO), we kicked off the first fully signed event, dedicated to the vast topic of cyber security, but with a few more innovations.


Cyber security is done together: our partners

To talk about enterprise cybersecurity, we called our most trusted partners on the topic, who made really valuable contributions:

Syneto: Davide Ravasi, Distribution Channel Manager of Syneto Italy, explained the potential of a hyperconverged framework, engaging us in a live demonstration of how the system works in the event of a ransomware attack;

ZextrasStorti Studio: Paolo Storti, CEO of Zextras Group, on the other hand, outlined innovations in terms of e-mail, basing his talk on the new digital work place; the new tools available go beyond the simple concept of “e-mail,” providing a true digital work environment that ensures data sovereignty over other systems, and which are already compliant with the European GDPR.

Finally, we also had testimony from two municipalities that are already collaborating with to systematize more innovative data management services: given the flow of information that these realities handle every day, data protection becomes even more important.


The new format: cyber security with tasting

The real novelty of the event signed Ispiro.Tech, however, lies in the format we chose: the speeches were interspersed with a tasting of wines and organic products from Agriturismo Corte Carezzabella, a completely indigenous selection thought out in each pairing.
Prominent among the wines tasted were:

  • the “Brillo“, a fermented white accompanied with fried bread and “Sitomato,” an organic tomato sauce produced by the company;
  • the “Turchetta“, a bold red served with pinza and Polesano salami.

The result was much appreciated: an aperitif to discover new technologies to support corporate IT security!

We are very pleased with the event, and we would like to thank the host and the partners who attended with their important contributions on the topic.

See you at the next event signed Ispiro.Tech!