Smart Working

The components of smart working

Smart working: a theme that will follow us for a long time. Inevitably, the world of work has changed and will continue to do so, always diversifying from what we were used to.

We have chosen to treat it, as always, from a technical point of view reducing to a minimum any possible sociological digressions.

In this article, the co-founder of Davide Grossato, focuses on detailing how home working working is activated and how to connect from home to the PC in the office.

Smart working is a philosophy that involves the focus on the worker who can carry out his own work regardless of the environment in which it is located and therefore, for example, can carry out their tasks regardless of home, hubs, co-working spaces.

First consideration: there are many ways to implement and activate smart working and it is therefore cannot find a unique one to handle it.

On which hinges then focuses a smart working solution?

1. Connectivity

In a telematic environment like the Italian one this is the most critical component, even from a informative point of view. Davide Grossato reports this testimony: “A customer kept telling me: <<Don’t worry, we have a 20MB>>. Too bad that the technology was ADSL and therefore the connection was unbalanced and, despite it was 20MB in download, in effect it was just 1MB in upload.” Still Grossato says: “To connect from home to the office you go to the office UPLOAD and then to the tighter pipe”.

2. The firewall

Firewall can be physical or virtual. What options can be activated on devices? What kind of VPN can be supported? How many connections can be managed simultaneously, both in terms of physical characteristics and licensing?

3. Telematic safety

How can serves be protected? Are there any effective backup? Is there a single system for managing user authentication? What features the antivirus is equipped with? Perimeter security delegated to the firewall, as explained in the previous point, is crucial.

4. Internal organization

The organization of workers is important and is often overlooked by computer scientists Instead you need to know how they are use to working the people involved to minimize stress of chance. Will all the staff work from home? Are there physical passages in some processes? If so, if and how can they be replaced?

Juggling answers to previous questions you can get to propose the best solution according to customer needs. In a next article we will see what are the most common that you can activate and that combine the best budget costs and benefits.