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Ispiro.tech is an innovative company that was born at the beginning of 2019 from the sharing of ideas and twenty years skills of the two founding members, Davide Grossato and Simone Rigato. It is the experience and the continuous research of innovation and updating in the field of information technology that lead the two IT engineers to the structuring and implementation of the company; what dominates is the desire to put knowledge and skills at the service of the public and private sectors.

"At ispiro.tech we provide IT solutions designed to meet the needs of companies, organizations, associations, organizations and professionals, we are committed to meeting the highest levels of reliability, speed of management and technical excellence."

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Plan-Do-Check-Act such as business model

Ispiro.tech studies customized solutions structured on the “Plan-Do-Check-Act”: four phases that allow to improve and keep under continuous control the processes and results.
Software, hardware, services, security, technology, consulting, training and organization are our business cards.

Davide Grossato

Simone Rigato

Mattia Galassi