Discovering Zextras Carbonio, the new service provided by, a feature-rich innovative and technological collaboration suite designed to meet the working needs of enterprises and P.A.

Zextras Carbonio ‘s new collaboration platform joins the new products offered by it is an all-cloud, feature-rich, ACN-certified space.

What are the features and services offered by the platform? How best to use it? Read this in-depth article, and for more info download our free documentation with the form in the appropriate section.

Functionality of Carbonio

As we mentioned above, we are talking about a collaboration platform with which you can access various features:

  • Email management, a basic function but one that should not be underestimated in the internal communication process of corporate entities, with the ability to organize communications into folders and create labels;
  • Managing shared calendars, you can create agendas of your own commitments, managing their notifications, and share other people’s agendas to keep up to date; very interesting are the features related to organizing the work week, which we tell you about in our documentation;
  • Contact Lists: you can create personal address books and create shared databases;
  • Chats, Groups and Rooms: an innovative system for faster communications (calls and texts!);
  • File and search: in addition to file sharing, the collaboration suite provides a search engine, which is very powerful and can traverse all the features we mentioned above.

The platform interface is easy to read and use, and everything is organized into tabs that contain the different features and are interconnected.

Example of a chat screen in the Zextras Carbonio platform.

Why Choose Zextras Carbonio

We decided to offer this product to our customers because, beyond technological innovation, it brings several advantages, including:

  1. A full range of new and user-friendly features, especially for chat and file sharing functions, as well as search
  2. It is a scalable system, i.e., adaptable to the specific needs of each reality without the need for large investments, robust and secure;
  3. All internal communication work can be handled in one complete digital work environment .

Also, please note that all our services are certified by the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA), a synonym for quality and assurance.

Zextras Carbonio represents innovation for businesses and P.A. To learn more, download our free documentation on the collaboration suite; it is complete, simple and always up-to-date.