Smart Working

Workspaces on cloud – Desktop as a Service

The third and final solution is the slightly more articulated one.

This solution is used in more structured companies.

It is a cloud-based infrastructure, the cloud is like someone else’s computer, on which we are going to create workspaces, that is, virtual desktops or PCs.

So we can connect from home, or from mobile or even directly from the office.

Imagine, for example, a large company that has just acquired a headquarters of another company, to have uniformity of the PCs and applications contained in it can use this kind of infrastructure, called Desktop as a Service.

I will use the infrastructure of Amazon (Amazon workspaces), which is a well-known cloud service provider.

Here, too, I have my credentials and now I have to connect to a workspace, a cloud space where I have my console to work on, for example my browser.

In this way I can work from home just as if I were sitting in the office: I connected to a desktop that has all the software I need to do my job.

Of this kind of workspace I can create even a thousand, based on the needs. I will only pay for the spaces that I will actually use.

This service is active both on Amazon, but also on Cloud and many other cloud providers in general.

At the end of the work, I switch off and stop paying for its use.