Smart Working

When I founded Ispiro, I chose to found a liquid company, that is, a company with no timetable and no physical location.

We are a company with a registered office that is theIncubatore Certificato T2i a Rovigo.

Here we only go to have some meetings with each other or for meetings with customers and suppliers, normally we work from home or from other locations; with smart working mode.

What is smart working?

Me and my staff don’t have schedules, but we work for goals.
We don’t have a card to clock out at 9:00, which if we clocked in at 9:06, we’d be an hour late.
We work when we can, according to the rhythms of our lives.

What are the problems that a company organized in this way can have?

The same problems that any company has, therefore the modalities of communication between colleagues, with the customers, with the suppliers and with the partner companies.

Even within liquid companies it is necessary to produce and share documents; you need to see yourself in video-conferencing, with tools that now we all know well; finally we need all the other business features, such as management and project planning tools.

To resume…

The needs of a “liquid” company (without schedules and without physical location):

  • Communicate between colleagues, with customers, suppliers and partners;
  • Production and sharing of documents;
  • Videoconferences;
  • Others: ERP, Project Planning…