During the event on Thursday, September 30, we looked at the main benefits of using a hyper-convergence system such as Syneto’s, presenting the case study of Caffè Diemme Official.
Caffè Diemme Official is a coffee company in Padua that relied on Ispiro to develop its IT system.Together, we chose Syneto so that we could cut down on downtime and keep the company’s data safe, with the assurance of frequent backups and the ability to recover its data in 15 minutes in the event of a disaster.

Who is Diemme?

Diemme is an Italian roasting and exporting company that was founded in 1927 in Padua from an idea of Romeo Dubbini. Regional heart and international mind: to this day the company maintains its family-run business but trades coffee both in Italy and the rest of the world, exporting that quality and know-how typical of Italian production.

The central pivots on which Diemme’s activities are based are the human factor, not only in customer care but also in worker protection; the training, a concept in which the company believes so strongly that it has created its own Coffee Academy, a 700-square-meter space where it “teaches how to make coffee well”; the large investments in technology, which have led to the company having machinery in the company used to select coffee beans.

Today Diemme has sales in 40 countries around the world and devotes as much importance to training and single-brand coffeehouse chains as it does to producing high-profile roasted coffees.


As the company expanded, Diemme saw how central the importance of an integrated, company-wide IT system that allowed for unified, centralized data management had become.

As IT needs were continuing to grow, the need for a shared IT environment that could accommodate and optimize the performance and security of the evolving IT structure was emerging more and more in the company.

Diemme thus needed to:

  1. An information system that would allow quick and easy retrieval of all recorded data;
  2. Increasingly large and interconnected storage spaces;
  3. Pre- and after-sales service that would ensure the company’s complete absorption of this new system

The solution!

We decided to propose to Diemme Syneto, an operating ecosystem that creates technologies that simplify, speed up and protect IT activities. The strength of this system is the integration of some of the most advanced IT technologies and a basic, universally understandable interface and management features so that operations prove to be more agile, fast and secure.

The company then decided to internally integrate Syneto into two units, one main unit and one support unit, with which they were able to cut down downtime and further optimize the production process.


Why choose Syneto in Diemme?

  1. Data protection: up to 1,440 instant automatic backups per day
  2. Syneto disaster recovery: in case of disaster, everything can be recovered and restarted in 15 minutes
  3. Good performance even for resource-intensive applications