Porto Viro is a municipality of about 15,000 inhabitants located in the province of Rovigo, part of the Veneto Delta Del Po Regional Park in northeastern Italy.

Understood in its present structure, the municipality was only officially established in 1995, making it a relatively young institution, but the origins of this municipality are much older, dating back to about 1000 B.C., when these were settlement territories of the Etruscans and Paleovenetians.


The data management needs of a public administration are naturally more substantial and pressing than those of a private individual, just think of the census activity alone and how much and what data it moves each time it is carried out. Fortunately, over the years there has been a need to computerize many activities, also to reduce the waste of paper and resources, so the municipality of Porto Viro expressed the need to have an integrated data management system that would ensure:

  • efficient management of the huge amount of data mobilized every day, capable of ensuring good speed of consultation and information retrieval;
  • the security of not losing any data and quickly recovering databases in case of disaster recovery;
  • ongoing and timely training of municipal employees so that everyone is aware of what they are using and the potential of the applied information systems;
  • cyber security of what is saved and stored.

The solution

We decided to propose to the municipality of Porto Viro the installation of Syneto, an effective data management and continuous information backup system that provides simplicity, speed and protection.

We have also scheduled with management a series of employee training meetings, first and foremost on open data and the fundamental conscious management of information.

Finally, we managed and scheduled a continuous and constant monitoring of Syneto’s activities, so as to certify the security of this system and to prevent any problems, playing ahead really proves to be crucial in PA data management.

Why choose Syneto in PA?

  • Integrated data management: all information is easy to find;
  • Simple and straightforward interface: consulting information with Syneto is made easier by the interface;
  • Continuous training: inspro.tech helps employees with recurring refresher and training courses on various topics;
  • Secure data and continuous backup: computer security of data is guaranteed, and in case of disaster recovery in 15 minutes all data can be recovered;