On April 20, the event on ransomware attacks was held at the Ispiro.tech headquarters, a morning of speeches explaining how to cope, both from a practical and regulatory perspective, with ransomware attacks.

About the importance of ransomware attacks and cybersecurity we had already told you in our previous article : the event on Thursday, April 20 gave us several insights to think about, let’s go over it together.

Cybersecurity: the talk by Giorgia Dragoni

As we have seen in the past, cybersecurity has become crucial over the years, especially as a result of the major digitization process of Italian companies, from the largest to the smallest.

The figure has become of central importance, the most valuable asset that companies possess and which must be protected with all the most suitable procedures and techniques: senior researcher at the Cyber Security & Data Protection Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano Giorgia Dragoni explained to us not only the attack scenario of recent years, but also the current market, digital trends for cyber security and the importance of timeliness In taking the different actions.

Losing data for a company means not knowing how to protect stakeholders, incurring not only problems at the operational level, but also inconvenience and administrative and legal penalties.Thanks to Giorgia, we found out how we can take action with the latest tools to protect ourselves.

Regulatory references for cybersecurity: a talk by Chiara Ciccia Romito

One of the aspects that is often overlooked, or little known, when it comes to corporate cybersecurity is regulatory: not knowing how to protect your stakeholders from data leakage poses a very high risk.

Lawyer Chiara Ciccia Romito explained to us what the requirements of the GDPR are, what reflection they have on the operation of companies, and how to take action to protect one’s own reality and others.

He helped us to better understand by bringing concrete examples aimed at understanding how the weakest link in the data protection chain is precisely the human one.


The concrete solution: the intervention of Davide Ravasi

Closing out our datatalk was Davide Ravasi, Distribution Channel Manager of our partner Syneto.

Through the practical illustration of how the hyperconvergent structure works, Davide was able not only to convey the power of the tool, but also how deleterious downtime of even a few minutes can be.


We need to protect corporate data and simultaneously ensure immediate recovery in the event of a ransomware attack: thanks to Davide, we understood how Syneto’s hyperconverged infrastructure enables us to do all this.


Guests of honor: the future of technology

For our event, we wanted to invite in attendance the fifth grade classes of IIS Viola Marchesini in Rovigo, who attended not only the three speeches, but also an introductory speech by our co-founder Davide Grossato.

Creating concrete points of contact with the future is central to ispiro.tech: we choose to invest in activities such as PCTO, from which Tomas and Mattia’s beautiful experiences arise.

The event was a success: training entrepreneurs, employees and public administrations is central for us; we want to provide all entities with the tools they need to protect themselves and those who come in contact with them.

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