Our clients

Ispiro.Tech specializes in remote and on-site technical support of hardware and software tools and builds IT infrastructures such as servers, clients, workstations, firewalls, wireless. The Internet Service Provider service is integrated with continuous and constant assistance from A to Z, training courses and timely problem solving.

Our services are specifically adaptable to the reality of SMEs, where Ispiro.Tech can manage and integrate all the information technology, both for IT offices of medium-sized or large companies.

We also provide assistance, advice and training to public administrations, organize specific and generic refresher courses and provide our expertise in cyber security and privacy.

For us at ispiro.tech it is important to listen to your ideas and your needs: you can contact us for any request.

Viale Porta Adige 45, 45100 Rovigo (RO), Italia

The goal is to provide customized IT and management solutions, using advanced technologies and methods. Systems and software proposed, developed by highly qualified personnel, aim to meet the needs of the customer, responding to criteria of efficiency, quality, competitiveness and profitability.