Our goals

Internet Service Provider In Rovigo: Ispiro.tech is not just an acronym that clarifies our commitment on the territory and the field of expertise, but it is also the union of the words “ispiro“ (from the Italian word “ispirazione”, inspiration), chosen because one of the values on which we rely is the inspiration for us and our customer and “tech” , because technology is our core business.

Our work is constantly evolving: we use innovative technologies and methodologies to provide technically advanced solutions and always in step with the times; we personalize every product and every service through research and training related to the most suitable and innovative information technologies.

We guarantee for each service offered the highest quality of product and support, features that make ispiro.tech a point of reference for all users of IT services.

The completeness and concreteness of the information provided is a key point of Ispiro.Tech, it is essential that every customer is aware of the means available and the best use that can be made of it according to the objectives to be achieved.

We also create training plans to “educate” the user to the conscious use of the Internet and we organize in-depth courses in companies on corporate cybersecurity.

The use of data enables us to significantly reducing the use of paper, making us a perfect solution in an eco-friendly. In addition, we actively support and help to implement advantageous smart working solutions, thus reducing the vehicles in circulation and their carbon dioxide emissions.

Our services aim to guarantee a solid technical consultancy on business information security, a concept that is central for us to be able to better structure our service and give peace of mind to the customer.


Skills and passion at your disposal

We love
our work

In the development and production of dedicated services we provide our customers with all our commitment, expertise, heart and experience.

We provide ongoing assistance

Through continuous monitoring, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we can offer to our clients a high quality service at the best price and in the shortest time possible.

We propose innovation

We like to update and support our customers in the constant technological development, so that it can be functional to their companies, their services and their products.

We support the

Together with our partners, we provide our customers with a network of expertise and important support.